Steampunk Heroes

[WIP Personal Project]

Steampunk heroes is a 2D open-world RPG set in a fantasy steampunk city where everything has gone to shit, the plague of monsters has devoured the city turning its poor citizens into monsters while the rich high in their towers died from their own robot servants. The player or players are there to investigate why the city went under by any means necessary.

  • Team Size: 1 (Me)                

  • Engine: Game Maker Studio

This is a long term project that will require a lot of time but instead of simply adding more time I have streamlined the programming, design, and art aspects my making systems where I can easily create interesting content and do it fast.


World & Level Design

This game is an open-world game similar to Fallout 4 and Witcher 3 but with the world design of approach of Breath of The wild where you can go kill the final boss after the tutorial or go the opposite direction. Of course, the game will become harder closer to the castle of the big bad guy. The game also takes inspiration from the world design of Darksouls 1 where the areas of the game are interconnected.

The level design closely mimics the level design of some of the Darksouls 3 levels where you have one central checkpoint and open up shortcuts instead of just adding more checkpoints. The player will go one direction which will loop back to the start to then open up a shortcut from the original start point then get that "Aha! I know this place, its where I started" moment and then they can continue on their journey again.