Spelldust is a collectible card game for mobile where you as the player get to create your own wizard and take part in duels versus other wizards. The players will be summoning minions who fight for them and throw powerful spells at each other. Players collect cards and customize their card decks to play the way they want. The best way I could describe it is a more action-packed Clash Royale.

  • Time: 5 Months   

  • Team Size: 9       

  • Engine: Unity      

  • Platforms: Mobile

My Areas of Responsibilities were: Game Programming, Game Design, Game Balancing, QA, and Content Creation

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Creating Cards, Balancing, Polishing & Adding To The Gameplay

While working for Grand Pike on the game live card game Spelldust my main areas were working on new cards, polishing, and refining the duel, this included balancing existing cards and tweaking effects.

Creating new cards was a process from design and the discussion to understand its purpose and what makes the card fun and focusing on that aspect. Then I implement the cards in Unity working within the framework of the game. Once the functionality was there I tested the cards until the card was fun to play but not too infuriating to play against. Then the final stage was adding visual effects and feedback to make the cards feel even better.

When I first started working on the game it had already been in development and had some existing cards. I was tasked to balance some of them. Through alot of playtesting, both with the card and combinations of cards as well as feedback from others combined with discussions managed to increase the enjoyment of the game.