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Death Blade Design Blog #1

Hello reader! Welcome to the weekly Death Blade Design Blog. Every week I will write about my design decisions, how the project is going and my thought process.

About Death Blade

Death Blade is a first-person slasher game where the player controls a deadly rouge hitman tasked with slaying the evil overlord but to get to him the player must make their way up the overlords heavily guarded tower. With a super-fast dash and a laser katana, the player can quickly massacre enemies with ease. The player goes through randomly generated levels and at the end of each level, the player gets to choose one of three powerful augment that improves their base abilities or weapons.

The Vision Of Death Blade

In Death Blade its all about making the player move but more importantly making the player move forward. I want the player to be aggresive, to push and kill all enemies. In order to achive this we need to design most things to push the player forward. An example of keeping the player moving is that to recover your energy/stamina which you use for attacks and dashes you have to move/walk. There is no passive energy/stamina regeneration over time. The way the player regains health is by attacking and killing enemies

To ensure that what other people in my team are desgining follows the vision i have written the vision of that mechanic/feature before every headline in the GDD. These mechanics/feature include things like enemies, special enemies, upgrades and level design.

So far some ideas have had to be denied/killed because they did not fit the vision but my fellow desginers seem to understand this and that the game should follow a vision.

Week 1

Week one went great, everyone seemed happy to kickstart the project. I mostly defined things in the GDD and wrote the Backlog when i was working but was also in a lot of meetings. As the vision holder i needed to talk to people explaining how things were supose to be.

The first day it was all about planning. Because I was the project lead I am in charge of most planning. Me and one of my gameplay designers began our work in Hansoft our backlog app. We broke down all the things that were going to be needed for the Alpha Release.

To me at least, having a good and completed backlog is very important because everyone needs to work as effectively as possible and a way for people to work effectively is if they know what to work on and that they work on the right things.

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