• Arrjan Tarach

[DBDB#4] Sound

Hey! Welcome to the fourth Death Blade Design Blog. Today the design team's focus was on enemy visual design and sound breakdown and discussions.


The day began with daily standups shortly followed up with all designers and 2 artists talking about what type of sounds we were going to need first of all and then what they should sound like. We settled on having fast passed synth music (Dance with the Dead) for the gameplay and then calm Japanese relaxing music. The calm music in between each level has a nice contrast to the intense music on each level.

Enemy Visual Design

When it comes to the visual design of the enemies I established I early that the grunts needed to look very similar to one another when it came to the things they did. So ranged enemies look one way and melee enemies look different. Different in terms of textures and not silhouette/body shape because unfortunately, we don't have enough time to make 6 different body types with cool animations. The special enemy variants have a passive added to them which adds effects to their attack and it needs to be clear which one does what effect and I think my art team seems to understand that.

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