• Arrjan Tarach

[DBDB#2] Level Design Day

Today was all about deciding the initial rooms that we are going to be put in the game. So the way we are going about making levels in Death Blade is putting together designed rooms in a random way. Because Death Blade is a roguelike it needs variation in gameplay and a way to ensure variation is having random floor plans like in The Binding Of Isaac.

So from day 1 to now which is about a week, the level designers did research on level design, concept levels and then blocked out levels. They had about 14 levels combined and I, the lead designer and the other designers together narrowed the list down to about 11-12 rooms. The 2-3 rooms we removed from the list were not bad, but rather they were not as good as the other levels that they had presented. Then we showed the environment artists the levels and we further discussed which would fit the game and style. Some were not as good as the others while some required to much work. We decided on 6 rooms in the end.

Even though I know we will most likely be able to create more rooms than just 6 ones its better to scope it low for various reasons and then add to the list of rooms later. One big reason to have a small amount of rooms in the begining is the fact that you can iterate much easier. With a smaller number of rooms, we can also early see what works best for the game and then add similar room types.

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