• Arrjan Tarach

[#7] Life of An Alpha Designer

Alpha Designer = Lead Designer and a good lead does not rule like a boss and decides everything but rather the team decides what they are going to do and the lead keeps track on what people are doing and makes sure they are prioritizing the right things and alines everyone to what they first agreed upon.

At first, is when it was suggested that I should be the lead I was skeptical because I like to decide things with people rather than decide things for people. I and my design partner decide most things together and are very supportive of each other's choices but we don't just play the "yes to ideas game" but instead, we ask questions about each other's ideas so we can see problems and solve them. Most times when people come up with ideas they are cool but can come with some problems and then you have to asses the Work/Value graph and make sure that you're either getting a high value for low work and or high value for high work.

Today I worked a lot on the alpha presentation because as the Alpha Designer I am the one who is suppose to present our game. I also worked on a presentation for our team meeting. On top of that work me and Filip tested the game and tweaked some values.

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