• Arrjan Tarach

[#6] Life of A Lead Alpha Designer

Today was a slow but necessary day, I sat in the backlog program almost the entire day. Estimating times by asking my lead artist and then doubling whatever time estimation he gave me and that's the kind of tasks a Lead Alpha Designer executes. We also held some meetings in the group regarding sloped edges and we came to the conclusion that they added a lot of extra work to make them look good for little value so they ultimately were not worth pursuing.

On the contrary the other half of my day after 17.30 I worked on my game and managed to add some screenshake. Powerfull attacks by the player and powerfull attacks from the boss shake the screen. I also worked on the reward for killing a boss, and that is a giant chest falls from the sky and when it lands the ground underneath shakes and when you go near it to open the chest it starts to shake and after a second the top of the chest blows open to reveal the item reward for beating your opponent.

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