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[#5] Life of an Alpha Designer

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Productive is my middle name because today I did a shit ton of stuff! This blog will be more of an actual representation of an Alpha designer day.

  • Did some work on the GDD, writing some things and clearing some stuff up.

  • I came up with a name that is somewhat final for the creature of our game. I researched some cute names for our cute character and used a pokemon names generator. The species name for the main character is Kangareeee! This was a democratic decision by the majority of the group.

  • I researched how to hold a sprint review and what goes into the sprint review meeting.

  • Then I held the review and it went great, (1)I asked the team where we were now, kinda what we managed to do this week, (2) I asked the team what tasks would carry over to the next week and finally the team and I looked over Hansoft in case something needed to be changed.

  • Finally, I updated some stuff in Hansoft our backlog program.

Great week 10/10

Art by Julia:D

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