• Arrjan Tarach

[#4]Life of an Alpha Designer

[School Project]

Yesterday was an amazing day! I managed to do a prototype for the school project game where we realized that some areas were to tight and the player could not jump trough and we adjusted our level design accordingly so maps would not become slightly more open.

[Personal Project]

When it comes to my own game I polished the UI some more and added some transitions to the game. When a player goes from the select boss fight screen in the menu to the actual arena then it should not instantly teleport him there with no warning that a fight is to occur. I also worked on moving the camera. So from selecting boss to actually ending up in the level the screen darkens then fades away when you are in the arena but the camera is focused on your opponent the boss and the games the main antagonist behind him who oversees the arena then the camera moves to the player and then the fight begins with a big title of the boss appears and for the first boss that "The Blood Harvester".

My workflow on my game goes from Idea > implementation > Test > Tweak > Test > Tweak some more > Test > Done for now.

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