• Arrjan Tarach

[#3] Life of an Alpha Designer

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

[School Project Game]

Today was a productive day, I worked on the GDD, added some text to it, some gifs which explained my words a bit better. I also worked on some menu mockups for the game which I'm going to present to my group tomorrow.

[My own game Boss Souls Arena]

I also did some work after school on my game Boss Souls Arena. Cleaning up the UI and just polishing the game for the alpha release. You could say it was a pretty Alpha day.

The last and final item for the Alpha release is the Item "Ultra Rapid Fire Hourglass" It reduces the cooldown on all abilities you have by 50% but reduces the damage you deal by 65%. This item is for the player who more ability-based gameplay rather than waiting for your abilities to come up again.

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