• Arrjan Tarach

[#10]Life Of An Alpha Designer

Tenth blog! Woohoo! Here I am during the last week of the school project and the finishing of the alpha for my game. I'm 40% done with my own game and 90% done with the school project.

School Project - Dino Jump

Today I practiced the final release presentation of our game because unlike other times where I've winged it a lot but this time I representing my team, a team of 7 other people. Other people have put trust in me that I will deliver, and deliver I will:D

Personal Project - Boss Souls Arena

For my personal project, I have completed most things I wanted to have in the alpha and the list included all the pipeline systems so that when I wanna add a boss or character it would be really easy. I also allowed people to playtest my game and noticed that it might be slightly too hard.

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