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[#1] Life of an Alpha Designer

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Time Harassment At The Workplace

Today I feel harrassed, Time Harrassed, I had x,y, and z planned and then stuff happened and I could do only like 0.75x, 0.85y, and 0.95z which is fine because I should have planned a bit better. It's kinda funny how I should plan the planning better:o

The day started out with the second year students showcasing their finished final project games. It was very interesting to see what these awesome people could produce in a very short time(9 weeks). The games were very cool and I learned a lot from the questions people asked them. Not that I remember anything I learned:(.

Friday week recap!

Monday: 10/10(score) The teacher was gone so it was party time. Did some work on my game Boss souls Arena. Mainly just some tweaking on the items and balancing a boss.

Tuesday: Guest lecture by Hansoft dude and Our Design mentor 8/10. Another productive day on Boss Souls Arena worked on the last boss before the alpha release. Angel Knight Oscar a nice contrast to all the demons in boss souls as he is a knight of god.

Wednesday: I don't remember 10/10. I did some testing for the new boss and balanced him.

Thursday: Thursday was very productive for my game because I got an entire playable character done. This character is a spell caster which means that they cast very powerful spells however they have long cooldowns. One attack which I felt was really nice was her ult which the player becomes a meteor that falls from the sky and deals massive damage and leaving a scorched ground that deals damage over 10 seconds. All I need now is some screen shake to really sell the impact of the attack. 10/10

Friday: Today is the day, I'm done with the assignments and in 3 hours I will get shitfaced drunk at a party. 10/10

The week was a 10/10:D

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