Dino Jump

Dino Jump is an intense endless 2.5D platformer. You escape from the rising lava and compete with your fellow players, pushing each other off platforms with the force from your powerful jumps. Whoever survives the longest wins.

  • Time: 5 Weeks                              

  • Team Size: 8                                 

  • Engine: Tengine (In house engine)

My Areas of Responsibilities were: Lead Game Designer, Level Designer, Project Manager & Scrum Master. 


Endless Fun For The Whole Family

Randomly Generated Designed Levels

Dino jump can go on forever and that is because the 8 designed level segments are built in a way where you can just stack them endlessly and have an endless game or until someone losses.

Adaptive Difficulty

In Dino Jump, the players are constantly jumping upwards because the lava is always rising until one player remains. Having just one speed of the lava rising would be problematic because that would not take account of all players. The game has an adaptive difficulty that changes the speed of the lava depending on how good all the players are currently playing so if everyone is playing really poorly then the rising of the lava slows down and when everyone is playing really well it speeds up even more.

Game & Level Designer and Scrum Master

My role in our first school project was being a level designer but I also to the responsibility of being a project manager/scrum master in charge of the planning and presenting. One of the most important things for game development is planning and that Is why I take the time to really plan things out during my projects.