Boss Souls Arena

Boss Souls Arena is a challenging top-down action game where you as the player fight for your life in an arena against powerful boss monsters. Your opponents range from other fighters to giant demons and eventually the arena king himself in an ultimate test of your skill.

  • Time: 1 Year           

  • Team Size: 1          

  • Tools: Game Maker

My Areas of Responsibilities were: Combat, Progression, Bosses, Characters, Programming, Art and Testing

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The Bosses of Boss Souls Arena

When it comes to bosses they are very distinct and unique and bundled together with the characters you get over 120 different experiences not counting the many items that affect gameplay.

One of the biggest challenges was to with only 9 attacks make 18 different bosses that all felt unique and interesting to fight. Its always about putting unique twists to those attacks so 2 different bosses could have an attack where they shoot in a circle but one of them could shoot fireballs while another could blast giant laser beams in a circle.

The Characters and Items


Boss Souls arena has 7 characters. The point was to create characters for everyone and very unique characters with different playstyles. Ther are characters designed to be easy to play, others designed to be hard easy but hard to master, one character that is melee, one character which focuses on summoning minions and letting them attack the boss instead of attacking the bosses directly.


With the items being the only progression for this game i had the goal of making every single item unique and interesting. When i say unique and interesting i really mean it. So we have items that add effects to your kit like creating a wall that can destroy projectiles after you dash or items that replace your abilities like turning your normal attacks into melee and then just fun items like the chest which equips 2 random items to your build or if you only equip it you get a full set of random items.

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Making A Game Alone & Its Challenges

This game was developed by myself alone. I wanted to make a big sized indie game where I could turn a lot of my ideas into actual content so the big challenge was to streamline the pipeline when it comes to art and programming.

When it comes to programming I had to create systems for bosses, items, and characters and so i programmed systems where i could just really easily implement and create bosses.

One of the huge design challenges was that I wanted unique items, characters, and bosses. So it really took a lot of brainpower, testing and iterations just to come up with 18 unique bosses, 20 unique items, and 7 characters that did not play the same way.