[DBDB#4] Sound

Hey! Welcome to the fourth Death Blade Design Blog. Today the design team's focus was on enemy visual design and sound breakdown.

[DBDB#2] Level Design Day

Today was all about deciding the initial rooms that we are going to be put in the game. So the way we are going about making levels in...

Death Blade Design Blog #1

Death Blade is a first-person slasher game where the player controls a deadly rouge hitman tasked with slaying the evil overlord.

[#10]Life Of An Alpha Designer

Tenth blog! Woohoo! Here I am during the last week of the school project and the finishing of the alpha for my game.

[#8] Life of An Alpha Designer

Playtesting is really important especially for games like mine which has a bunch of characters, bosses and items.

[#6] Life of A Lead Alpha Designer

I sat in the backlog program the entire day estimating times by asking my leads and then doubling whatever time estimation they gave me...

[#5] Life of an Alpha Designer

Productive is my middle name & this blog post will be more of an actual representation of an Alpha designer. Pic by Julia:D

[#4]Life of an Alpha Designer

I managed to make a prototype for the school project game. With it, we could test some maps and notice some problems with the level design.

[#3] Life of an Alpha Designer

Cleaning up the UI and just polishing the game for the alpha release. You could say it was a pretty Alpha day.

[#2] Life of an Alpha Designer

The motivation for me and Filip being co-designers was that I was Chaos and he was Order but in reality...