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I Love Making Games

My name is Arrjan and from a very young age, I knew I wanted to make games. However, my passion for game design and making games fun to play was not enough. To make my games I had to learn how Script/Code to be able to create my dream games and today I make my dream games.


Boss Souls Arena

[Personal Project] I do all the Design, Art & Programming for this project.

My game Boss Souls Arena is a Challenging Boss fighting game where you fight for your life in a gladiator-style arena against other fighters and monsters for glory and loot.


Dino Jump 

[Team Project] I did gameplay design and testing with some light project management.

During the first project of my first year at Playgroundsquad(Game Design school) my idea was chosen by my team as the game we were going to make and the idea was Dino Jump.

Dino Jump is an intense endless 2.5D platformer. You jump from the rising lava and compete with your fellow players, pushing each other and whoever survives the longest wins.  


Dungeon Legends

[Personal Project] I did all the Design, Art & Programming for this project.

Dungeon Legends is a 1-4 Player dungeon crawler I made during a game jam. I did all the code, design and art for the game alone in under 48 hours.

You go from floor to floor killing all enemies and at the start of the round your given a random hero between 3 heroes to play. Each hero is only controlled with 2 buttons, one for steering left and one for steering right and your character always moves forward.

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