Arrjan Tarach

Game Designer & Scripter

From a very young age, I knew I wanted to make games. However, my passion for game design and thinking about games was not enough. To make my own dream games I had to learn how to Script/Code and that allowed me to just turn all my crazy ideas into games and content. Trough the years I have worked on all kinds of games from action-packed slashers to fun party games to hardcore boss fighting games.

My time at PlaygoundSquad has been really valuable because it really has given me so many other views on game design and transforming me to think about the entire experience and the value of teamwork and communication. I focus mostly on game design but level design is also passion for me.

I, of course, love to play games all kinds of games. Some of my favorites are Terraria and Minecraft for the creativity, Witcher, and Skyrim for the exploration, Dark souls, and Doom for their combat but I also love Esports games like Leauge of Legends and Counterstrike with friends.