About Me

Origin Story

From a very young age, I knew I wanted to make games. However, my passion for game design and making games fun to play was not enough. To make my games I had to learn how Script/Code to be able to create my dream games and today I work hard alongside school and work to make my dream games.

What I Do when I don't Work

When not working or being in school I do 3 things mostly, first I love to work on my own projects and ideas so I design, program, and draw pixel art for my games. Secondly, I love to go out and be with my friends doing friend things like being friends and friendly stuff. Thirdly I, of course, love to play games all kinds of games. Some of my favorites are Terraria and Minecraft for the creativity, Witcher, and Skyrim for the exploration, Dark souls, and Doom for their combat but I also love Esports games like Leauge of Legends and Counterstrike with friends.